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Every business is candidate for optimisation in our book.




Who Are We

  • EagleSoft Consulting was born out the dream of its founders that
    technology made it possible to collaborate globally around innovative projects.
  • Agile Scrum Certified, Our team services companies internationally, Growing Businesses that need an IT system to sustain their growth.
  • Our core business is to provided Enterprise resources planning solutions .
  • Collaboration is the new norm and we effectively work with virtual teams to manage and lead complex IT projects.
  • From Enterprise integrated business software (ERP solutions) etc.. inhouse projects.

Our Work Process in %

  • Ideas
  • Hard Work
  • Design

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Why To Choose Us

100% Dedication

Eaglesoft Consulting is IT company that aims to contribute positively
in the industry by providing efficient IT services to small and medium
companies. We’re a company built from the ground up by dedicated
individuals. Our company is providing services relying as much as
possible on Open source solutions and Virtual Teams.
Business process Mapping and notation
Business process optimization & Automation services
ERP Solutions to Small and medium size companies
Agile Projects Managments
Virtual Team Building
Changes Managements

Software Engineers

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15 + Years Of Experience

With more than 10 years of  experiences in various industry, we are uniquely qualify to take in your ideas and make it a reality.

Over 2000 Satisfied users

More than 2000 users are working daily on applications or services that we have have build.

We Get Things Done

Our team is very challenges prone. we get things done.

Our Skills

Content/ Ideas


Customer Satisfaction


Coding Skills


Visual Design ( Mockup)


Social Media strategy


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