We offer IT Services with expertise on ERP and Data visualisation services to small and medium compagnies.

Ours strengths - Agility


We offer a preliminary audit to specify potential changes to bring improvements.


Gap Analysis

We proceed to outline the gap between your existing system & your new vision.

Detailed Specifications

With our expertise in Agile methodology, we provide both functional and technical specifications around user stories to feed the product backlog ( Agile Scrum).


Build Out / Development

In collaboration with your team we start the design, development and testing  deployment  of the users stories (feature).


We use continuous delivery framework by releasing validated features that are ready for use.

Post delivery

Here we proceed with post deployment testing and impacts study and monitoring.

What define us

Professionalism, quality and efficiency: EAGLESOFT service offers a rigorous, consistent client-centered approach to IT services,

We have operational and significant experience on  Entreprise Resources planning ( ERP) , and Data visualisation services.

Strategic Alliance

A unique network of highly qualified professionals of diverse expertise contribute to your project. Our approach enables our teams and clients to develop unique blueprints for focused execution and handling potential pitfalls that come with IT projects.

Business vision

Work with us to see what technology can do for your organisation and enjoy innovative solutions to assiste you in your operations.

Eaglesoft consulting ERP modules

Every business process is candidate for improvement, we can optimize your processes.

Our Skills


We have expertise on ERP systems including


Business process mapping and optimisation ( BPMN V2)


Software Engineering Agile - lean way


Data visualization and business intelligence


Organisational changes management